Christian Fiction: Is It Too Innocent?

As I lacked two nonbelievers to fill two of the slots, I have chosen to substitute clips from Christian bloggers who have blogged about this very same subject. Enjoy!

From She Reads:

“As a child, I was taught not to complain about a problem unless I was willing to be part of the solution. I was also introduced to the literature of J. R. R. Tolkien, John Bunyan, C. S. Lewis, Daniel Defoe, Flannery O’Connor, and Nathaniel Hawthorne. Not one of these world-class Christian writers worked within the parameters of a “religious fiction” market.” Read More

From Author, Mike Duran:

“While I’m thrilled that Christian publishers appear to be seeing their “mission” in terms of a larger market — both in terms of readers’ tastes and/or worldviews — there are inherent obstacles to “Christian crossovers,” some of which this article inadvertently highlights. Let me suggest two things that keep Christian Fiction from crossing over.” Read More

From “A Christian Worldview of Fiction”:

“I don’t know what Pastor Driscoll’s point was in his sermon, and I’m not bringing this up to discuss whether or not he was wise to voice his opinion in such a strident way. Rather, I want to return to the discussion about safe fiction.” Read More

Note From Nikki: Yesterday, I featured author, Tricia Goyer. Tomorrow is the last day of the series. Since we began with a humanist, we are ending with a believer. Author, Carol Cox will be guest posting. To read more about this series, click here. Remember to keep all comments civil.

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