Need Two More

Dear Readers,

I had hoped for a balanced viewpoint on my mid-June series, “Christian Fiction: Is It Effective?” The idea was to get four Christian novelists to write on why they write Christian fiction and how they intend to reach the unbeliever, while the atheist or non believer write a post on what they like and don’t like of Christian fiction.

You might wonder why an unbeliever would be reading Christian fiction. I asked that same question to myself when on Amazon I would see derisive reviews by non believers on Christian fiction. I sought out four unbelievers, but could only obtain two very gracious people to fill that slot. It was easy to get four novelists to contribute. Getting two more unbelievers proved unfruitful.

I either had unbelievers who wanted to argue Christianity and had never read Christian fiction, or some that felt my question was too vague. One seemed willing to write a post, but I haven’t heard back from him. I may still allow it if I get the post within a reasonable time.

If you’re an unbeliever and would be willing to write a 750-word post on what you like and/or don’t like about Christian fiction, please contact me at You must have read or are going to read (in less than a week) a Christian fictional novel of any genre. I can make suggestions or you can go to the end of this blog to categories and read my past book reviews for suggestions.

If I can’t get two more unbelievers, then I am looking for two believers who are willing to write what they like and don’t like about Christian fiction. If you’ve had a problem with where Christian fiction is going nowadays, now is your time to be heard. Even if I get two more unbelievers, at this point if the posts you provide get written and submitted, I will still post them as I don’t usually like to waste people’s time.

Thanks to all those who have contributed to this series! Especially thank you to David and Jennifer for their time. You can read the bios and see the photos of all contributors for this series here.

Thanks, Nikole Hahn