Isn’t It Time?

When you have too much time on your hands what do you do? When your thoughts swirl like thick paint being stirred by the stick of trouble what actions react from that? Are you painting a mural of beauty or is it graffitti–dark, ugly, and hate-filled rhetoric that reflects what is going on in the deepest part of your soul?

It’s a good thing we can fall on Jesus. He forgives when we repent. He’s waiting with open arms for you right now. It doesn’t matter the hurt or angst you have caused, because He took our sins on the cross. Just repent in true, Godly sorrow and let the healing begin with His Word. Not the Word you once used to manipulate to your own use, but open your eyes to its wisdom and light and it’s love.It’s such a deep love–the kind of love that won’t let you down–like a jump into a dark green pool of water after a long, hot climb. Just float in His love. Let it overcome the anger you’ve lived with all of your life. Then, like the ripples that waver away from your body, let it go, floating away.

Neither you nor I can live perfectly enough to get into Heaven. We can’t get into Heaven without Jesus. No matter how well you appear to live He knows who you are inside. He knows the thoughts going through your mind right now. He knows the lies. He knows the hurts. He knows your past, present and future of every choice. He knows the hurts you’ve caused and the hurts you’ve endured–the stuff you don’t talk about because it would destroy the careful reputation you’ve worked at building.

Don’t reach the end of your life without knowing Christ and the kind of love only He can provide. Just ask me about Godly sorrow.

It goes deep and cleanses. I can’t tell you the freedom of confessing the truth aloud has brought and the transformation to my character and my outlook. It’s amazing. Recieving forgiveness was amazing, too. It’s a memory I will hold close because it was so Christ-like of that person. That kind of forgiveness I have never experienced. You get used to having your sins thrown in your face time and time again as if there’s nothing you can do to make it better and no words are adequate.

But with Christ, there is forgiveness and it’s offered to everyone who asks. So why not ask, my friend?

Dear Jesus,

It’s not about works, Lord. I am so sorry I broke Your heart. But You died on the cross for me and I cannot fathom that kind of love. Please come into my life and help me see people as You see them and love people as You love them.

In Jesus Name, Amen