Just Call Me Moses

Hand in hand
Hand in hand (Photo credit: Images by John ‘K’)

She tells me he said the prayer of Salvation, but she’s going on vacation, and would I like to contact him?

What if I don’t have the right words?

What if my transparency pushes him away?

What if he sees the perfectionist tendencies in me and runs?

What if he challenges me and I can’t give him what he wants to hear?

What if I tell him what he needs to hear, but that in itself pushes him away?

In the car, my husband grills me, pretending he’s an unbeliever. It’s harder to talk of faith that way. I laugh and make jokes, but in all seriousness I’m better when the Holy Spirit puts me in the situation where it feels natural. Then, the words come and the worry fades. I remember the sermon about not watering down the truth, but tell the truth in love.

That’s not something we hear often from some of our churches anymore. We’ve become sales people—hiding the difficulties of living the Christian life, burying sin, and diluting repentance. Are we trying to shine Jesus instead of letting Jesus shine? He needs to know who Jesus really is by getting a Bible and having someone walk alongside him, holding his hand, until he learns to let go and hold on to Jesus. But it’s times like these I chastise myself and say, “Just call me Moses.”

Tell me your stories in these situations.