Mama’s Empty Nest: To Save a Life

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Pregnant woman at a WIC clinic in Virginia (vertically mirrored image). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Glancing at her mother, the teenaged girl hesitantly opened the medical clinic door. A smiling woman with a kind voice and demeanor greeted them warmly asking them to please take a seat.

“Someone will be right with you,” she promised.

“How had it come to this?” the girl wondered. When she slept with her boyfriend, he told her they were protected. “Yeah, right,” she thought. “He also told me he loved me and now he won’t even talk to me.”

She noticed her mother’s face was set in that determined way she always seemed to have lately. She knew her mom’s answer to the problem, but the girl didn’t want to think about that. Just then, someone appeared at the inner door and called her name.

They were shown to a lovely, welcoming room. The girl sat on one end of a comfortable couch while her mother occupied the other end. Another pleasant woman introduced herself as their consultant. She respectfully asked questions, assuring them that everything discussed was confidential. A nurse soon joined them and explained the next step, making sure she understood what to do. Glancing again at her scowling mother, the girl hurried to the restroom.

Soon the nurse returned and gently said, “Your test came back positive. It appears you are around 12 weeks pregnant.” The girl’s mother gave a loud sigh, lowered her head, and shook it from side to side. The girl knew what her mother wanted her to do for the sake of her future, have an abortion.

The nurse explained that an ultrasound, which could be performed right there, would ascertain a viable pregnancy. As the kind nurse explained what that entailed, the girl thought it sounded like a good idea. Surprised, she realized her mother nodded her head in agreement.

She was reclining on a table with her mother at her side. The nurse squeezed some cool gel onto her abdomen and moved a wand-like instrument over it. Staring at the flat screen TV mounted on the wall, the girl’s eyes widened as she saw a tiny head. Arms. Legs. All moving on the screen. And there…a beating heart! She heard her mother gasp out loud.

Turning her face toward her mom, she felt tears fill her eyes and was shocked to see a tear slide down her mother’s cheek. This wasn’t a blob of tissue like everyone said it was. This was a life! This was a baby. Her baby. Her mother’s grandchild.

Suddenly, her mother grabbed the girl’s hand and held it tightly. As the nurse with the caring eyes and calm voice explained what they were viewing, suddenly, the baby – her baby – turned a somersault. Both she and her mom laughed through their tears.

Later, they sat quietly each absorbed in their own thoughts when their consultant joined them. She was gentle, sympathetic, and nonjudgmental as she spoke about options. She explained how this place could help her if she decided to parent her child, but the decision was hers.

The girl looked her mother straight in the eye and declared, “I want to keep this baby, Mom.” And her mother nodded agreement as her face contorted with emotion.

The consultant offered her prenatal and parenting classes, emotional support, and physical help with baby clothing, diapers, and other necessities to welcome a new baby – all free of charge.

“If only..,” her mother thought. Then bursting into tears, she quietly said aloud, “If only I had found a caring place like this 22 years ago.”

The kind-hearted consultant turned to her with compassion evident on her face. “Did you have an abortion yourself?” she asked gently.

The mother silently nodded yes.

“Would you let us help you too?” the consultant replied.

As the two left the clinic that day, one life was saved and another was soon to be healed. The young woman would return to receive help she needed to become a parent. Her mother would attend abortion healing classes to finally find peace over a decision she had made so long ago.

One life saved. Two lives mended.

[A word from the author: This story is fictional yet stories like this actually happen each day in a Pregnancy Resource Center. Your donation to a non-profit life-affirming center helps save and mend lives. Would you like to help? You can donate to my local PRC’s annual Walk for Life by clicking here:]

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