MOMumental Book Giveaway and Sample Chapter

Dear Readers,

MOMumental by Jennifer Grant has been a real pleasure to read even though I am not a mother. My husband and I were unable to have children because God had other plans for us. I know a lot of you are new moms. I would love to give you my copy of the book.

In the comment section, leave a paragraph why, as a new mom, you should have this book. New mom definition is anyone with their first child 1 years and younger. You can also leave a comment on behalf of someone whom you would like to recieve this book. In honors of Mothers Day this past Sunday, I will also include for the new mom a $5 Starbucks card. The new mom who gets the book and the card will also be invited to write a 750-word guest post after reading the book, MOMumental of what impacted her about it.

Interested? Deadline to leave a comment either for yourself or a new mom that you know is May 21. Winner’s announced May 22. For sample chapter, click here.

Love, Nikki