Join Me For Coffee Right Now…

Dear Reader,

Everyday I see the stats on my account. I cheer at the discussions, the likes, and the comments. Everyday you make me feel a part of something bigger than my own world. You have pain. You have your joys. Some of you I have never met or spoken to via social networking, but you return here weekly to read what I write. I want to thank you for making me feel valued and for including me in your day.

I learned that some women have a hard time making connections at church and with other women in general. I’d like to hear your stories. How do you reach out to other women? And how did other women reach out to you? Tell me about your friendships.

Also, please let me know how I can pray for you either anonymously, in the comment section, or by email ( If you’re a reader, would you also please pray for the commentors here, too; for the silent readers that never leave a footprint?

Love, Nikki