Anonymous Blogger: “Navigatable Waters”

ccv resources.comAnother installment from my Anonymous Blogger. She dilligently follows politics, doing her research well.

Dear Nikki,

*Call Kyl, McCain, and Gosar:

1) Ask that protection, humanitarian aid adn refuge be given to Syrian Christians who are fleeing Syria and who are being ethnically cleansed by Syrian rebels.

2) Support HR 3600 – Sponsored by Congressman Walter Jones to restore freedom of speech to America’s houses of worship. This would allow pastors and religious leaders to speak out on the important moral and religious issues of our day without losing their tax-exempt status.

3) Support S2122 – Rand Paul’s bill in the Senate – ask that it be brought to a vote in the Seante and passed (It is called Defense of Environment and Property Act of 2012). This bill would rein in out of control federal agencies such as the EPA who are going beyond their authority in defining occasional mud puddles and rain water run-off as “navigatable waters” in an attempt to lock away private land and severly punish landowners for trying to use their private property.

Thanks, Anonymous