Prayer Works

Frog Falls

She said the Bible is a love letter to us from God. Kathy is a great friend. Her writings inspire me into a deeper relationship with Christ. Lately, I’ve been thinking of the word ‘Obedience,’ and how some twist it to manipulate. She sheds light on the word as well as reminding me of the kind of holy God we worship.

I think our church is blessed to have her as a teacher and a prayer warrior. As I read the Bible, I pray; I praise; I turn off the noise of thoughts in my head to listen.

What do you want me to write?

What do you want me to do?

The faint buzz of the refrigerator mixes with the stillness of early morning. The golden sunlight warms the livingroom. I don’t hear anything, but a kernal of something begins to sprout. When I act upon it, peace–divine peace–fills my heart. Suddenly, I can move on with my day, letting go of yesterday’s worries.

“Really? This is God’s will for me in Christ Jesus? And how does this work? I believe that built into this verse is a key—for when we give thanks, even in sickness, financial distress, marriage problems or any of our very real daily problems, we are making an exchange with the Creator of the universe and here is how the exchange takes place: “Lord, I am in the throes of an extremely difficult circumstance, yet in this thing, I give thanks to you in this circumstances, even thanking you for the circumstance, and in exchange, I ask for Your peace and Your joy.”“What is God’s Will” here.

– The cat stretched out in a patch of sunlight on the couch, watching television with me.

– The love of friends and family.

– The answer to prayer in unexpected places.

– The challenge of living truthfully.

– The words that come when I lack the confidence.

– The dog who keeps watch.

– The husband who isn’t afraid to tell me the truth, or to hear it.

What are you thankful for today?


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  1. Beautiful post. I’m thankful for the noise of my children. Even though I prefer quiet, I wouldn’t give up the noise for anything.



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