The Psalm of Fear?

Peace settled on me today. Tomorrow will bring new worries. Today’s worries are gone. At the snap of the fingers, they vanish into the air like the steam from my coffee rising into the cold.  So today I leave you with Psalm 27. Someone once told me it’s a psalm of fear. It comforts me, because it’s true; not because I fear. If anything, Christ has taught me not to fear. What an uncertain world we live in and how little comfort some gain who do not have Christ as their rescuer and comforter—the holy and powerful one.

He may not always rescue, but that’s because there’s a purpose for it. We may not always see the purpose of our suffering, our pain, or the lack of answers to when we ask why. Expect miracles around Him. Keep your eyes open.


Psalm 27

What strikes you most from this psalm? Tell me.