Book Review: Scream

Scream by Mike Dellosso begins with Mark Stone talking on the phone to his friend just before hellish screams break their connection. Both of them hear the screams, but none of them can explain it until Mark’s friend dies in a fiery crash. The screams throughout the book are a precursor to someone’s death, and later Mark realizes that each of those who died went to hell.

Mark himself is an unbeliever separated from his wife, Cheryl. Cheryl is having a difficult time emotionally forgiving Mark for cheating on her, and Mark can’t forgive himself. While they struggle with their relational issues, a serial abductor has been kidnapping certain girls that fit his profile and has been keeping them imprisoned in an old barn somewhere in the country. Several points of view are represented in this novel to tell a powerful and chilling tale of love and obsession. The ending was a real surprise to me—the kind that jerks you off your comfortable easy chair and makes your eyes grow teary at the unexpected twist.

The only problem I had with this novel was in chapter three when Mike Dellosso didn’t identity who ‘he’ was in the chapter. Only when you arrived halfway did you realize it was written from the abductor’s point of view, but I didn’t get that from any real indication except by description. Otherwise, the novel kept my attention and there was no skimming. I really enjoyed how he crafted the story, especially in showing why the characters should want to become believers.

The screams were really chilling. I especially loved how he used the screams and offset the stereotypical characters that give novels a predictable turn into something that made you pay attention or second guess your own conclusions; like the pastor who finally listened to Mark and believed him. The pastor had tattoo’s of black widows and skulls on his skin. It made you wonder if this man wasn’t one of the screamers or someone foreshadowed to be the abductor or someone from hell. Mike, once again, delivers a fine novel and you will never guess how it will end.

I give this novel four stars. It is truly something to read in the light of a weak lamp, late at night, when all other humans are asleep, except for the doomed dead who never sleep.


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