Anonymous Blogger: Your Child’s Education and Agenda 21

My anonymous blogger dropped by last week with a rather thick envelope. She’s truly done her homework this time, too. The envelope bulged. What I found were several interesting articles from various sources, listed here if you are interested:

Gateways: To Better Education: Speaking about 16-year old athiest, Jessica Ahlquist who initated the court ruling of taking down a prayer banner that’s been up at the school since 1963.

While many people are frustrated that the banner came down, at Gateways we are calling on students around the country to modify the prayer for their own school and recite it daily in class. How can they do that, you may ask?


Justice Clark who wrote the majority opinion said, “…the state may not establish a ‘religion of secularism’ in the sense of affirmatively opposing or showing hostility to religion, thus ‘preferring those who believe in no religion over those who do believe…it might well be said that one’s education is not complete without a study of comparative religion of history of religion and it’s relationship to the advancement of civilization. It certainly may be said that the Bible is worthy of study for its literary and historic qualities.”

Pacific Legal Foundation: Their newsletter, “Rescuing Liberty,” dated March 2012. This document seems to have many things in it from EPA abuse to the Supreme Court and Obamacare. The first page speaks about the Sacketts–the people whose property the EPA claims is on a wetland and arbitrarily is trying to stop them from building upon it. This is why we have the constitution. No government agency should have the right to our property.

American Policy Center: ( This letter speaks about Agenda 21, one of many names such as Cap and Trade, Smart Growth, Global Warming, Social Justice, and Public/Private Partnerships. There is no date on this letter to refer the publication, but if you email them, I’m sure they can send you a copy.

In conjunction, “Reprint From the DeWeese Report,” (, Volume 15 – Issue 8, has a headline, “Tea Parties and “End the Fed” Protests cannot win back the Republic Without This Information!”

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Now onto her letter to me:

Dear Nikki,

Thought you might like to see these two “papers.” Good news from Pacific Liberty Foundation! Gateways To Better Education i sone of the best groups to inform teachers, parents and students of their religous rights. Also, they are trying to block the homosexual agenda in the public schools. A good group to support (Christian) if you know of anyone who would be interested.

Also, I am sending along the DeWeese Report on sustainable development which I believe I’ve informed you about a little before.

State: Also, we need to call state senator Steve Pierce and state house of reps, Karen Fann and Andy Tobin. Let them know we do not want them to support new taxes to fund Obamacare in Arizona. 1-800-352-8404.

Ask them to please sign the Americans for Prosperity Healthcare Freedom Bridge.

Federal: Call Kyle, McCain, and Gosar and ask them to declare Obama’s Executive Order: The National Defense Resources Readiness Preparedness Act NULL AND VOID. This would give Obama the power to declare martial law, take over the economy, food and water supply, manufacturing, etc in time of war. It would give him a back door to exacting socialism in the U.S. in time of war. If we delcared war on Iran very likely Hezbollah cells in the U.S. would bomb cities in the U.S. giving him the power to enact this. It does need to be blocked by congress. Too much power in the hands of the executive branch.

Thanks, Anonymous

Note: Read Craig Shirley’s book named, “1941.” FDR had too much power and ruled private businesses, homes, and with little or no proof took away basic rights from U.S. citizens. He was a progressive. He had more power than King George. Don’t let history repeat itself for that was what FDR had in December, 1941–something akin to marital law. The Bill of Rights became just a piece of paper and no one challenged him. Those that spouted against him were fined or thrown in prison.