Anyone Want To Join Me?

“Hiking the Brownloe Trail. Anyone want to join me?”

That was on my Facebook status one day. “Meet me at 2:10 p.m. No hiking boots required. No backpack needed. Bring your water bottle and good walking shoes. We’ll be gone for an hour, give or take,” I typed.

It’s the new direction that I am taking in my life. Businesses reorganize to make more money, laying off people they can’t afford. I am letting go of some things to make room for other things like writing, prayer, spending more time with my husband, family and friends, and working to remember birthdays and thank you notes.

Love isn’t conditional. I’d like those actions to be reciprocated as my table sits empty every week and we rarely get visitors except for Fellowship Group. Holidays are spent traveling. But God has been talking to me lately. Love is a gift and should be presented as such. That’s where the reorganization comes in–making sure I get my blogging, writing, and reading done, yet making time for serendipity.

Like impromptu meetings at a coffee shop and walks with friends and impulsive dates with my husband. I don’t want  my life to look fraudulent. I want it to be real, full of real people that I have spent time connecting with, not putting up walls to protect my heart from hurt. I want to learn to trust again, even if a trust gets broken and a heart gets bruised. God will put it together again. He always has in my life. I need to rely on Him a little bit more.

So when I post that on my status and we live in the area–join me. I want to get to know you.

Cite some examples of friendship that have meant a lot to you and the risks it took to gain that friendship.


4 thoughts on “Anyone Want To Join Me?”

  1. Awesome idea! I’d join you some day but there are way too many miles between us. I just read something the other day that stuck with me. It was an article about being economical, but I can see where it pertains to our lives as believers as well. It said to spend money only on experiences not things because things wear out, get lost, are unused, etc., whereas, experiences stay in our memories. My way of amending the statement would be “Spend your time and effort on experiences with others, not wasting money and time on things.” Good post, Nikki!


    1. So true on the experiences. I love shopping when I have money to spend, but it’s funny how quickly I become bored with the new item. Yet experiences live a long, long time and add to a person’s character without taking too much or anything at all of the finances.


  2. Oh I love it Nikole….these are the things that make life really worth living…..the people! My folks are good examples of this, their home has always been an open door, and the coffee pot is always brewing. They have lived 80 plus years and have so many friends…..too many to count! And good ones too, meaningful friendships, the ones you could call at any time of the day and they would be on their doorstep.

    Serendipity and spontanety…..I need more of those! Lori


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