What If I Don’t Want to Understand?

Emotions associated with anger
Emotions associated with anger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other day I became quite irritated. Here’s how my inner conversation went:

Me: “How rude and condescending!” (I used stronger language, but for the sake of everyone else, I have edited it.) “It’s not some grand conspiracy. Treating me like some child! How can people be so unloving like that? What a gossip!”

Inner Voice: “You were once unloving. You once sported that same fiery and instigating jargon. You were once a gossip.”

Me: “Stop making me try to understand. I want to be angry.”

But that inner voice persisted and my anger began to subside. Maybe that other person was unforgiving, but did I have to swim in that same pond?

So I worked on giving it via prayer to Jesus. Jesus loves them.

I think I repeated that last sentence many times over throughout the day as I sought to forgive the offender.

Jesus loves them.


Jesus loves them.


Jesus loves them.

Cite an example of something like that in your day.


7 thoughts on “What If I Don’t Want to Understand?”

  1. Oh, goodness, I have that experience several times a week!! 😀 It’s true that we must constantly remind ourselves that even the most unlovable is loved by our Lord. And if He can love US, then why not them? Good reminder, Nikole. Thanks!!


    1. Yeah, the old me would have made the situation quite unpleasant. The new me works on giving it over to God. But for heavens sake, can’t I be angry? LOL.


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