Anonymous Blogger: At Stake–Our Religious Liberty

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Dear Nikole,

There is a specific bill to protect religious liberty from attack in the House. It is HR179–Respect for Rights of Concience Act. We have called about this in respect to the mandate forcing insurance companies, etc to pay for birth control, sterilization and abortions which would affect all kinds of religious groups. This is a specific bill to stop this attack and others.

(If you’re in Arizona) call Gosar and ask him to vote for passage of this legislation in the House–Kyle and McCain to work to pass similar legislation in the Senate.

(If you’re in Arizona) call Kyle, McCain, Gosar and the White House Comment Live (1-202-456-1111). Ask them to support a ban on Islamic Blasphemy Laws. People who are all ready or just became Christians are being tortured, imprisoned, killed, women raped or forced into Muslim marriages where Sharia (blasphemy) laws are in place. Pakistan, Afghanistan and numerous mid-eastern countries operate under these laws and are trying to force them on other countries (including slowly, but surely the United States).

You might mention also, when you call that according to the “United Nations” freedom of religion is a basic human right.

Thanks, Anonymous

Updated March 30, 2012: Steve Pierce (R) voted against HB2625. A re-vote is scheduled to occur. Please contact him and voice your displeasure nicely.

Note From Nikki: In regards to the abortion, if any of you feel led please contribute to my “Walk for Life” here to support our local Community Pregnancy Center which provides education as well as much needed services for women who can’t otherwise afford care during their pregnancy.