Contentment Comes in Shades of Tuna and Oatmeal

“As our family moves toward Easter, we’re doing a simple exercise around the dinner table. We examine what in our life that day represented the life of Jesus, His death, and His resurrection. I’ve often said His life was manifested in conversations with friends. And death often meant me sacrificing or another person sacrificing for me. And spring flowers often represent resurrection for me, though sometimes God has chosen to resurrect some of my relationships. It’s been a good Lenten practice for us, to examine where we see Jesus in our days.” – Mary De Muth

Where do you see Jesus in your day?

My refrigerator looked empty when I went to scrounge together a lunch. No peanut butter. Cans of tuna sat stacked in the pantry. Oatmeal and brown sugar seemed to remind me to eat healthy. But I didn’t feel like eating tuna sandwiches again or digging into oatmeal. I wanted something with flavor, and that didn’t exist in my kitchen. I shut the refrigerator door and stood with my hands on my hips, fingers tapping the band of my pants. I would have to go to the store before work.

Can’t we be satisfied with what we have even if it’s oatmeal or tuna?

I’ve seen Jesus’ death in the way my husband often goes without for me, especially in the case of medication. When we renew our love in the evening after a day of being a part, I am reminded of Jesus’ resurrection—how love is born again and not recycled. And even in tuna and oatmeal I am reminded of His promises. I have what I need to eat well even if it’s not exactly what my taste buds want that day, and that is better than what most third-world countries have available.

I have love. That’s enough. It’s enough to get me through each day; even if that day disappoints me I know His love is enough.

So where do YOU see Jesus today—His life, His Death and Resurrection?


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