Elves Aren’t Omniscient: An Amateur Looking Into Scripture

I am guest blogging over at bibledude.net today. I’m a part of a group of people exploring 1 John. Here is my portion:

Read 1 John 2:28-3:10

As a child my instructions were to keep my room clean especially around Christmas time. I had this idea that Santa’s elves were omniscient. With this thought, I hastily shoved toys, old socks and smelly shoes under the bed and deep into the darkest corners of my closet. Every Christmas toys would appear under the tree in spite of my lack of obedience to the heart of my mother’s instruction. In John’s time, the NIV Study Bible (Zondervan) Gnostics of the “Cerinthian variety” were very “libertine, throwing off all moral restraints.”  Read More