October Baby (And CSFF Blog Tour, “My Imaginary Jesus.”)

Today is Day 2 of the CSFF Blog Tour. You can read my review of, “My Imaginary Jesus” here that I posted last week. Also, this is the list of people involved in the blog tour:


Gillian Adams
Julie Bihn
Red Bissell
Thomas Clayton Booher
Thomas Fletcher Booher
Keanan Brand
Beckie Burnham
Morgan L. Busse
Theresa Dunlap
Amber French
Tori Greene
Nikole Hahn
Ryan Heart
Bruce Hennigan
Janeen Ippolito
Becky Jesse
Jason Joyner
Carol Keen
Shannon McDermott
Rebecca LuElla Miller
Joan Nienhuis
John W. Otte
Crista Richey
Sarah Sawyer
Chawna Schroeder
Rachel Starr Thomson
Steve Trower
Fred Warren
Shane Werlinger
Nicole White
Dave Wilson


The book review was originally done on behalf of Tyndale’s blogging program. I’m reposting it for the benefit of CSFF.


* Book linkhttp://www.amazon.com/Night-Living-Dead-Christian-Ferociously/dp/1414338805/ (or some other link of your choice)
Author’s Web sitehttp://www.mikalatos.com/



Stortford Fundraiser - 22-07-11-4453
Stortford Fundraiser - 22-07-11-4453 (Photo credit: sweenpole2001)


Last week I got two interesting notifications in my inbox. Being that I am attempting to raise $1,000 in less than 50 days for Community Pregnancy Center, I thought it would be appropriate to bring them to your attention.


From CPC:


Did you love Fireproof?  Is Courageous your kind of family film?  Do you want Hollywood to produce movies that reflect your dearly held values?  Then October Baby is for you.  It is releasing to limited theaters on Friday, March 23, but unfortunately it is not coming to northern AZ.  Geographically, the closest theater is the Deer Valley 30, located 3033 West Agua Fria Freeway, Phoenix.  This is essentially at the junction of I-17 and 101 freeways.

It is important that all of us who want to “vote” for this type of film-making should make every effort to see it on its opening weekend.  That is what the Hollywood crowd looks at to guage how well the movie is received.  In this case, the better October Baby does in its opening weekend, the better the chance that more theaters will opt to show it.

Two of us from CPC saw a pre-release screening of this film and we recommend it highly to you and your friends.

Go to www.OctoberBabyMovie.net to find:

  • all theaters and showtimes.
  • movie synopsis
  • check out the stars
  • purchase tickets on line to insure your seat
  • print ticket confirmation – no waiting in lines


From Dayspring: If you have children, they are having 50% off of baby things. As we head into fundraising for Community Pregnancy Center, we might want to think about that mother who needs things for her new baby.


Just a reminder, I am needing donations of various sorts to help raise money for Community Pregnancy Center. Click here to see details on my webpage. Click here to donate.



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