Reaching For Another Hand Hold…

On the way to work, Jamie Slocum came on the radio. He sang about climbing mountains. Some songs bring a tear or two to my eyes because it seems that I’ve been climbing mountains all of my life.

This life is so temporary so I will treasure my time, yeah
I spend my days bringing comfort to the lost and left behind
The struggles that I face, some days they weigh me down
And all this tragedy, I just don’t understand
So love is the song I keep on singing, preach it to my soul

And love is the gift that God keeps giving, He is in control
When all is lost and seems forgotten, it feels so out of reach
It’s nothing He has not seen before
This is just another mountain
Just another mountain.

I get to one peak and see several more to climb; a trail of switchbacks and rocks and slippery slopes. I’ll be climbing them until the day I see Jesus. Once you get that in your mind, the journey becomes an adventure of failures and successes. Each hold on the face of the mountain is another of God’s promises. That’s what I see when I hear of or see mountains. I see the handholds of His promises guiding me over yet another cliff, another mountain, and though some of the surfaces can be shale mixed with broken glass or rusted iron, I dig my fingers into the mountain, determined to reach the top of this one.

What mountains are you climbing today? Are you on your way up or down again to climb yet another? Share your journey with us and let us know what we can pray over for you.


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