Anonymous Blogger: Electrical Pulse Bomb

Juli Riches Photography

Anonymous blogger dropped off two envelopes yesterday. One was a short note which you will read here, and another held several articles from various publications. I can’t scan them to link to this article, but you might be able to request the articles from the publisher: (1) Fact and Comment – Steve Forbes (“You thought socialism was dead, other than in miserable countries such as North Korea and Cuba? Think again. It’s alive and well in the Federal Reserve, and we and the world are paying a price for it.” Feb. 27, 2012). (2) Center for Arizona Policy – “5 Minutes For Families” by Cathi Herrod (“The Bully Agenda”). (3) Imprimis, a publication of Hillsdale College, February, 2012, Volume 41, Number 2 (“Blasphemy and Free Speech,” regarding growing threat to stifle religious discussion).

Dear Nikole,

Am sending along some articles I thought you might be interested in reading.

We do need to call Gosar’s office (928-445-1683) and ask him to support “The Protective Shield Act” which would help to protect our electrical grid from an attack by an EMP (pulse bomb) that could destroy the whole electrical system of the U.S. and make us completely vulnerable to our enemies. Iran and others, as well as the U.S. have this capability.

Signed….Anonymous Blogger