“I Would Have Had An Abortion Had I Known”

An article in the Christian Post illustrates where we are as a culture. In essence, this is what those parents are saying to their down-syndrome child:

“I should never have born you. You cost us so much money. I was tested to see if you were perfect. You know, not born that way—down-syndrome. The test was an error, only I didn’t find out until later. I would have aborted you had I known. I can’t love a child like you. You won’t be able to play like other cute little girls, or date like other teens, and we will have to take care of you for the rest of your life however long that will be. We can’t afford you.”

The couple who sued for “wrongful birth” did win the lawsuit and that seems to be fueling the conversation on infanticide. The favorable ruling for the parents might cause each doctor to be liable for tests that aren’t 100% accurate. What kind of culture are we that we treat our children this way? How can we have thoughts like this about an unborn child?

The couple got a couple of million. This ruling could have long range effects on society and on healthcare. Their words were thoughtless. Their actions cold.  I don’t understand people who look at their child and say, “would have had an abortion had the test been done properly and they had known about the Down syndrome.”

What Does a Mother Do If She Doesn’t Want Her Child?

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The Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida's Step Up for Down Syndrome (Photo credit: ~Rich Johnson~)

Community Pregnancy Centers offer mothers alternatives like adoptions. Did you know there are “up to 36 couples waiting for every one baby placed for adoption?”—parents who long for a child, but can’t have one? The CPC also offers free pregnancy testing, counseling, ultrasounds, referral programs, post-abortive classes, and gives freely information about pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, abortion procedures, abortion risks, and pregnancy options. They also have an emergency help line (1-800-395-help). Last year, there were many pro-life movements happening in May all over the country. Tyndale began promoting Abby Johnson’s amazing story last year. This is your chance to make a difference.

In almost two months, I will be walking in Community Pregnancy Center’s Walk for Life to raise money. To help with this goal, I need your input. I need your stories. If you have experienced the front lines of the pro-life movement or an abortion or even considered an abortion, please email me at nikolehahn@thehahnhuntinglodge.com. This is a positive campaign to raise money for CPC. I’d like to gather enough guest posts to begin promoting this and raising money for it by mid to late April and go through May 12. On Sunday, May 13 I will post photos taken at the walk.

It is my hope that your words may encourage someone to contribute either to my link as a walker in Prescott, Arizona, or to their local pregnancy center. If you have a group walking or a blog that will also promote the Walk for Life, please let me know so I can get a guest post about it from you accompanied by a link to the site where people can contribute or volunteer.

What I Need and How to Contribute:

Donate to Community Pregnancy Center here under Nikole Hahn.


Submission Word Count: 750 words.

Photos or illustrations: g-rated, sent as separate attachment as a jpg.

Include: Bio and your photo, or you can be anonymous.

Ideas: Poetry, stories, guest posts on the pro-life front lines, reflections of what your baby would have been like today, and also am accepting childless parents to make their pleas via online to a prospective abortive mother in the form of a letter stating their pain at not being able to have a child in their life.

Email them in Open Office or Word Document format to nikolehahn@thehahnhuntinglodge.com.

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