Book Review: The Founders’ Key

Observing America, Tocqueville remarks that he sees more government in America than he saw in France, which was the first centralized nation state.” – The Founders’ Key

The Founders’ Key a mix of philosophy and law. The book reads like a school text book, only bulging at the binder with so much information that a reader must read this slowly to have maximum absorption. Anyone who questions why we have the Constitution must first read both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as well as the Federalist papers in order to understand our country’s beginnings and why and how our Founders came up with this system of government. Sadly, we are far from the Founder’s country.

These doctrines have, over the course of a century, transformed American political practice. The government now approaches half the size of the economy as a whole, and it may go where and do what it pleases. Our retirements, our health, and the relations inside our families are now the business of the federal government. Each business, large and small, is also under its purview. It is so pervasive that it seems to be the only way for society to work.”

Larry Arnn exposes us to the philosophy of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and it’s connection to each other. It was a fascinating read, but not for the light reader. It’s for someone who wishes to fully understand why the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are important.

If you’ll remember, it was the Tea Party members elected to the House who made it a priority to read the Constitution aloud on the first session of the House. How many and who protested should be what’s important. The last time I read the Declaration of Independence was in grade school and I had to memorize a portion of it for a grade. Nowadays I doubt that happens. I doubt most people know what’s in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution (besides the first two amendments). Arnn said it is poetry and divine.

Ironically, I finished this book on the night of our primary election. The Founders’ Key should be on every school’s required reading list for not only does it thoroughly explore both historic papers, but it also ends with the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and a few of the Federalist Papers and articles. Arnn does a great job at making his case, and I give the book five stars.

*Book given by publisher to review.

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