For The Athiest and The Believer

I am looking for two guest posts.

One will be written from the side of the Atheist and the other will be from the side of the believer. The Atheist needs to write what he does or does not like about Christian fiction in detail, not generalities. This is not an attack. No negative wording. A frank discussion is what I am looking to display. The believer needs to write on what aspects he believes will attract the atheist or agnostic to Christian fiction. Neither side will read the other until it posts and it will post one day after the other with the Atheists response first.

Word Count: 750 words

Pictures: (rated G, not copyrighted by anyone, and in jpg format, separate attachment)

email it to me:

If we have more than one response, I may consider a week of this if the posts are unique.


4 thoughts on “For The Athiest and The Believer”

  1. I think there is some value here…we could both learn from each other. As a Christian that has read much Christian fiction, I can say what attracts me is STORY! In any good story there must be conflict and real issues and reality. I have been turned off my certain Christian fiction novels because they don’t seem based on anything in the real world. Athol Dickson and Lisa Sampson are two that come to mind that have done a marvelous job of writing real layered stories and characters while bringing in the faith and belief that we so love to see. This will be interesting! Lori


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