Stop Complaining and Get The Milk!


A woman carrying an armful of groceries bent down to the bottom shelf of the dairy department. She looked at the employee passing by pushing two carts. “Will you help me? The milk is all the way in the back.”

Why do we wait until a person asks for help before we offer our hands in service?

The employee helped without complaint. Surely, there were others around—customers who could have volunteered? Maybe we’re too busy on our cell phones, pushing carts up and down the aisles, and trying to corral our hyper kids to offer help?

A lack of service seems to be an epidemic in our country.

Are you the one who stands in front of the dairy section and complains because no one helped the woman reach a gallon of milk? Or are you volunteering to retrieve the milk so she doesn’t drop everything in her arms?


2 thoughts on “Stop Complaining and Get The Milk!”

  1. I would always help if I could, Have needed it plenty of times myself for things on the top shelves. 🙂


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