An Overview of Writing For The Soul

Day 3-4

Writing For The Soul Conference

February 16-19, 2012

The way to be taken seriously as a writer is to attend a writer’s conference. Writing for The Soul was my first experience with meeting editors and agents and hearing from amazing speakers.

The meal times allowed you to sit with agents, mentors, editors, authors, and writers just like me trying to grow as a writer. It’s amazing what The Christian Writer’s Guild does for writers. There are so many programs available to better your writing.

From the Snowflake Method where my pitch and paragraph was taken a part to be re-tooled to the class on symbolism, I could not learn enough and by Saturday night felt overwhelmed by the enormity of it all.

Between homesickness and emotional highs and lows, I excused myself to spend the rest of the evening after dinner thinking about it all. On Sunday, I left Denver early to wait at the airport. By then, the chaotic city made me long for my small town and dark sky; for the quiet of evening minus the noise of city.

But God has a sense of humor. At six o’clock that Sunday night when I was to board the plane, the plane was delayed an hour because a toilet overflowed. Immediately, I sent a text to my husband in Phoenix:

“The plane was delayed due to bathroom problems. The toilet overflowed. I didn’t do it.”


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  1. Ah, this is why I always make sure my guest bathroom has a plunger in it. It’s an act of hospitality, to eliminate even the possibility of the embarrassing question, “Do you have a plunger?” 🙂


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