Just Babbling

Day 2

Writing For The Soul Conference

February 16-19, 2012

Pitching has become like taking a test you’ve studied for, but when test time arrives you fall flat on your face. This strong, intelligent woman becomes a babbling schoolgirl high on too many Machiattos.

By the second appointment on the third day, I had calmed, but lacked the power of a perfectly delivered pitch that effectively told the heart of my novel.

If I memorize, I fail.

If I tell a story, people listen.

But what does a person do who draws a blank when the person sitting in front of you has the power to give your dream life or suck it right out? C.S. Lakin told me she simply gave up and pitched as if she wasn’t going to get it anyway.

And look where she’s at now? Her books: Someone to Blame (Zondervan winner), Wolf of Tebron, and Map Across Time are good reads.

Bottom line: I’m in this for the long haul and on God’s timing. So I will continue learning and growing my craft no matter the outcome. Each step is one more step into my future, and because of my courage, good results came from Friday’s risk taking endeavor.

I was also grateful for the nuggets I gleaned from Jeff Gerke on my third appointment on Saturday. What he taught me was only compounded by what I learned at a workshop with ACFW a week later as C.S. Lakin taught how to write picturing a movie camera.

Tell me your pitch stories. Did you succeed? How did you improve?

Special thanks to McNare Wilson for his attempt to help me with my pitch, but I think I needed a learning disability class, or a councilor.


2 thoughts on “Just Babbling”

  1. Ugh, pitching is terrible. It’s like tearing your heart out of your chest and slobbering all over it as you drool your way through trying to sell your soul.Well, that was a bit over thte top.

    I went to a conference two years ago for my 15-minute sell and every word out of my mouth was a frog. The editor looked at me as if I was speaking gibberish and ended my appointment early, so eager to get rid of me. She questioned everything i said. It was the worst fifteen mintues of my life. So I think these pitch sessions are overrated and we need to just blow them off and go get that coffee.

    BTW it was GREAT meeting you and I know you have the right stuff. Just write.


    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one to feel this way. A little envy crept into my heart when I heard at my table that someone had pitched well and got four proposal requests. LOL. I felt two inches tall. Thanks…I am going to persist my way there and continue persevering because this is my calling. :o)


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