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Part 2, Day 1

Writing For The Soul Conference

February 16-19, 2012

Billy Graham is to a Christian as the pope is to Catholicism. Yet, I have never had the privilege of hearing the Graham family speak. On Thursday, February 16 our evening speaker was his daughter, the renowned Anne Graham Lotz.

Lotz began by bringing to life Revelation 1. She took the voice of John and reminded us of our calling. It isn’t for the next book contract or agent representation. Lotz reminded us of our first love. The passion oozing from her voice made me ashamed of my lack of focus and priority.

Forgive me, Lord for at times taking you for granted and for seeing the words in your book as just that, and I forgot You in the daily grind of work, writing, and life; of serving until I wore the skin to my bones and I forgot why I serve. I love you, Lord for all you’ve done and have yet to do with my life. I’m holding on, Lord, for wherever you take me in this adventure.

Are your goals aligned with God’s plan?

Have you put that to scripture and prayer?