Book Review: Something New

In Book One of Plain City Bridesmaids we fall in love with Katy and Jake in Something Old. In Book Two, Something New, Katy and Jake are on their honeymoon while Lillian has moved back home to the farm.

Lillian hates farm life. If all works well, Katy and Jake will move out of the Doddy House and Lillian and Meg will move in like they have talked about since they were all children, but things have become more difficult for Lillian. Her mother has fallen into a deep depression, and her father and brothers have antiquated ideas about a woman’s place. As the stress builds in the Landis household, Lillian meets Fletch.

Fletch is a new veternarian with a soft nature. His parents are brilliant missionaries and Fletch has hardly seen them these last few years. Fletch encounters trouble of a different sort in Plain City. One of his parent’s most loyal donors helped Fletch get an intern position with a good friend. The loyal donor, Marshall pressures Fletch to take videos of sick animals on the Amish farms in order to get footage to help bring revenue to the struggling, rescue animal shelter.

Fletch doesn’t want to hurt the trust a veternarian works hard to hold onto, but he feels pressured because Marshall has donated so much money towards his parent’s missionary efforts. So what if he did take some videos of some sick pigs? The farm wasn’t going to be named in the video, but it so happened that the farm in question belonged to the Landis family.

Dianne Christner takes Amish fiction to a new level by introducing more complex layers to a typical Amish romance. In the first novel, Something Old, Christner explores a very judgemental Katy. In Something New, there’s a lot of gray and Fletch is easily pursuaded to bend his ethics a little in order to not offend anyone. Lillian has dreams, but in a place where men make the decisions and women get married and have children, she fights family tradition in order to be with the man she loves and hold on to the dream of being a chef.

Something New is another wonderful work of fiction that explores everyday struggles in a strict society without the naive innocence so common in Amish romance.

*book was given by publisher to review.