A Letter To A New Friend


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Dear Friend,

The television tonight could not distract me from my thoughts about you. Our conversations the last few days have been very productive. When Twitter made ‘No God’ a trend topic, some Christians became upset. To them it is yet another attack on our beliefs. I can completely understand. At first my feathers were a bit ruffled, too, but then I realized how much God loves you. He loves you so much He uses what others mean as an attack (or an accident) as a way to bring the truth to those in darkness.

How can I honor my Lord in my words and actions in every God debate? This is my first concern. I know I am going to receive outright insults. This is okay. Jesus received much worse attacks as did Paul and the other disciples; and I could go on about the missionaries who came before me, too. You thought I grew up in a Christian household, but I only became a born again Christian on November, 2002. My husband and I both came to know the Lord a few months prior to our wedding. I thought I was a Christian. I thought going to church saved me. In fact, I only began attending Christian churches (i.e. Baptist, Community Churches) in about 1998 give or take. My immediate family did not have a Christian background. We were grasping for whatever truth we could get our hands on and tried to make some sense of it. After all, most families grow up going to church. It is a tradition. Some who attend churches out of tradition are not saved. It is something they do because their parents went to church. It is like singing Christmas Carols, but not thinking about the words.

I say this because God uses even our impure acts to reach people for the gospel. I spent my time taking my dates to church and looking for a believer in them. I did not know God was using me to save my future husband and myself. God can see all ends while we, in our human wisdom, try to make sense of the here and now, using our scars as a basis for our future. We do not make wise decisions on our own, and if left on our own, we can get ourselves into a pretty deep hole.

Most churches are great establishments. They do a lot of good. They help their congregation and they help the people in their community. 501(3)c churches do not get tax money. Our own president is not sympathetic to the Christian cause. If we received tax money, it would mean government intervention as an eventuality. Most politicians do not like the absolute truth outlined in the Bible. Most people do not like to be told they are sinners, but every one of us is a sinner. If you believe Jesus Christ died on the cross for you, then you are forgiven. You will not face judgment. But naturally you will receive consequences in this life for bad decisions and immoral choices. If you follow Jesus, He will transform you and you will show fruit in your life. You will be different over time than where He first found you. You will still be a sinner. I am a sinner.

Please do not lump all churches into the same pile as the church who broke your heart. Not all churches are bad or lack integrity or character. I suppose I should be insulted since you may have unintentionally lumped myself and my church in the pile, too. I cannot be insulted because I know what you are saying. Saying all churches are bad is like saying all white people are bad just because you had a bad experience with one.

The body of Christ as outlined in the Bible is not about four walls and a roof. It is about the body of believers in the world who make up the body of Christ. You told me you wanted to believe in God if you had proof. Why not ask God with a humble heart? Why not pray and wait patiently? I’m not asking you to be a believer in the one true God, but I’m asking you to consider investigating for yourself if God exists. Can you do this for yourself? There is only one Word of God and that is the Bible. There is no true church. The only true church is in Heaven with a King on the throne called Jesus Christ.

Keep in touch, friend. Even if you do not believe, I would like to pray for you. I would like to encourage you. You thirst for justice. I can appreciate this. But maybe you need to consider forgiving this church? There is corruption everywhere nowadays. Look harder for that silver lining and you just might find it.

In His Name,

Tony and Nikole Hahn


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 This is a challenge.  If you do not believe in Jesus Christ, that He died on the cross for your sins, and you are a sinner in need of forgivness, investigate Him.  Pray and search for Him.  What harm can there be in doing this if you are sure God doesn’t exist?

Today I am in Denver, Colorado joining other writers at the Writing For The Soul Conference. Please pray for safe travel, good weather, and that each one of us in attendance is somehow used and directed by God. From February 16 – 20, I will be reposting some old posts. All comments will be replied to on Monday, February 20.


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