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Today’s Faith Barista Jam is about vulnerability. I am looking for a few who might want to be vulnerable with others about their pain. See below. The next few days I will feature reposts from the archives. I am in Denver, Colorado today for The Writing For The Soul Conference and will reply to comments on  Monday, February 20.

“Survivors and Faith” is my new column. Depending upon the number of submissions I recieve, this column could post once a month to a few times a month. I’ll advertise it ahead of time on my twitter and Facebook. I am looking for no more than 1,000 word true story posts about how God helped you survive. Examples of events include rape, suicide, a witness to violence, molestation, verbal and/or physical abuse, war, kidnapping, etc.

The point of the story is to glorify God. I may have you re-write if I need to see that lesson more obvious in your words. I think it’s important to get these stories out there so others might be helped by the process in which you went through to forgive and heal. Your story remains yours after publication. I do have the right to re-post the story on my blog only without your permission.

I’ll need a photo and bio if it isn’t anonymous.

I don’t care if you can write. I’ll help you form the words. The important part is the story it tells to my readers. What can they glean from your pain? How can God redeem your pain?

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