Book Review: The Scroll

…equally filthy pair of jeans. Next to her stood David Chambers, hotshot archaeologist and former fiance. The picture, which she had been using as a bookmark in the novel she was reading, must have slipped free while she was packing. “Keep it.” Nordoff raised an eyebrow. “That’s a bit harsh. Isn’t there anything in this photo you miss?” She shrugged. “I kinda miss those jeans.” Amber walked from the tent.” – The Scroll

Dr. David Chambers is Ganksy and Jeffrey’s “Raiders of The Lost Ark’s” Dr. Jones. It’s “Raiders of The Lost Ark” meets Joel Rosenberg. Add a little realistic romance and the book sizzles with conflict, danger, and adventure.

Amber and David once worked together on an Israeli dig site. In fact, they loved each other; but something changed in David. You can trace it back to the death of his mother, something that built in him for so long that David not only walked away from Biblical Archeology, but God, too. This time what brings Amber and David together with old friend, Nuri, is billionaire Trent. Trent is funding a top secret dig supported by Israel. Veiled in mystery, Amber, David and Nuri are kept under protection while they look for temple artifacts and gold, but there’s a problem.

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) want all temple evidence destroyed. They use the media and explosives to target the archeologists, but who is feeding them information from the inside?

The author, Grant Jeffrey is a Bible prophecy expert, and in reading the tale of this adventure I learned about the Ark of the Covenant and got treated to a history lesson here and there. I really enjoyed this novel and would read it again. I’m intrigued enough by this novel to read some of Jeffrey’s other books. What is scary is how realistic the conflict with Iran and Israel could be especially if what the novel describes happens in our lifetime.

This book gets five stars for what seems like historical accuracy and a great love story about how our past can impede our future happiness.