Anonymous Blogger: Our Children’s Education and Other Stuff

The envelope appears on my desk with my name scrawled across the front. It’s not anonymous to me, but this dear woman tirelessly researches the bills. She submits her blogs via pen and paper instead of email. You can view the phone numbers here. Most of the letters address Arizona’s representatives and senators. You can call your own senator or representative if the bill is national.

Dear Nikole,

The following are bills or issues we need to call about:

Call: Kyle, McCain, and Gosar and ask them to repeal or defund IPAB–the Independent Payment Advisory Board–a provision of the new healthcare law. It robs Americans of the freedom to make their own healthcare choices as well as placing astonishing powers in the hands of a few unelected officials, including disbersements of tremendous amounts of federal money. Healthcare will be rationed as a result of IPAB’s cost-cutting decisions. Ask Gosar to support HR452 and Kyl and McCain to support s668.

Also, call Kyle, McCain and Gosar to support and co-sponsor the Social Security Guarantee Act HR1052. This will give seniors a legally binding guarantee to their social security benefits.


Congress aproves (is responsible for) or disapproves funding for public school curriculum. Call Kyle, McCain and Gosar–ask them to support abstinence-sex education: This is better as a means of savings financially for the U.S. preventing sexually transmitted diseases and out-of-wedlock pregnancies as well as more importantly contributing to the mental and emotional health of our youth. Statistics show greater depression and suicide attempts among those who are promiscious or who engage in pre-marital sex

Also (to Kyle, McCain, and Gosar) that they fund only curriculum that accurately reflects the founding and history of our country, including our founding documents such as the Mayflower Compact, Declaration of Independence, Constitution and contributions and life history of our foundign fathers.  And the fact that our laws are based on our Judeo-Christian heritage.

Also, that in our science textbooks there be equal time given to the theory of creation as well as the theory of evolution, etc. Also, that curriculum state that marriage is the union of one man-one woman as the norm based on nature, the five major religions, current law and societal tradition.

These issues might be called in at different times to our legislatures so as not to overwhelm them and just to be wise. Our youth’s education is of great importance for the well-being of our country.

From 2/2/2012….

We had two drop-offs and so I am combining both into one post. Here’s our anonymous blogger’s note from February 2.

Dear Nikole,

We do have a few things to call about:


1) Call McCain and Kyle, and ask them to vote no on senate bill 6, “Amnesty Plus.” It would grant amnesty to illegals, cut immigration enforcement, tear down the border fence and allow terrorists to recieve assylum in the U.S.

2) Call Kyle, McCain, and Gosar–ask them to vote yes on Senate-Joint Resolution 11–the term limits for all amendment. This would help to rein in career politicians.


3) We have an excellent Christian legaslative group at the State Capital called Center for Arizona Policy. They sponsor and try to pass good legislation and defeat bad legislation. There are two school choice bills that have passed in the state Senate so they now go to the House. Please call Andy Tobin and Karen Fann to vote to support these C.A.P. bills.

4) Call Steve Pierce to support C.A.P.’s bills, HB2625–Domestic Relations Disposition of Property–HB2626–Empowerment Scholarship Accounts–Expansion and HB2610–Charitable Organizations Filings.

5) Call Kyle, McCain, and Gosar–ask them to vote for passage of the English Language Unity Act and against passage of House Congressional Resolution 8. (a flyer is available through English, Inc.).

I believe we can trust any bills that Center For Arizona Policy sponsors as they are definetly Christian and conservative.

– Anonymous Blogger