Will You Pray For Me?

In two weeks, I go to the Writing For The Soul Conference in Denver, Colorado. My plane tickets are bought. The final installment of my conference payments are done. My hotel is reserved. I am going to room with a friend. What’s nice about that is this friend attends Word Weavers with me. In two weeks, I will say goodbye to my husband on the curb. TSA won’t allow anyone to keep you company as you sit for two hours waiting to board your plane. So the goodbye will have to be short and probably teary.

This is the first trip I’ve taken without my best friend. I had hoped one day when I went to one of these that he could join me, too, and maybe sight see while I work. Unfortunately, finances don’t allow for two plane tickets and a lack of vacation time doesn’t allow for driving there. Like in October when he took his first trip without me to Wisconsin, I felt the vacancy. That was probably the reason for my micro fiction status updates on Facebook about Splatto, the Godfather of all Spiders. My husband tells me it was like I was there with him in Wisconsin as my sister-in-law read the updates aloud.

It feels unreal to buy tickets, to see the reservation emails on my computer for the hotel, and to know that I will be independent, facing professionals, and learning from them, too. I go without any illusions. As my journey has already taught me, everything is a step forward. Nothing is wasted. Whatever God has planned for me as for the reason for making this dream work, I will embrace. It’s going to be fun and lots of work. I hope that I get to meet one of you there. If you are going, please email me. Maybe we could bump into each other, have coffee together, or something. To meet in real life is always interesting.

Meanwhile, I have flyers to make, a book proposal to finish, and a novel to correct before February 16. On top of that, life continues at its hectic pace.

Would you pray for me now and during that weekend?


10 thoughts on “Will You Pray For Me?”

  1. Sooooo excited for you!!! Wish i were going, especially after my last writers conference and all I learned. I will defintely pray for you friend, this is going to be a huge blessing for you.


  2. Awesome! Conferences are a great place to learn from other writers and editors. Also, remember that editors need authors with great ideas. So, you’re a valuable part of this conference. Even if you feel like your ideas need some sharpening, beware thinking too little of yourself. I often see authors who look so terrified at these conferences, when in reality, without you, the editors and agents won’t have a conference!


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