Anonymous Blogger: Lots of Campaigning Right Now.

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Once again, my anonymous blogger submitted something to me. She’s a wonderful woman. I am glad my friend introduced us. Such a hard worker to gather all of this information and give to me to share it with you. The phone numbers can be found here.

Dear Nikole,

With all the election compaigning going on right now, there doesn’t seem to be too many bills, etc. being introduced or up for a vote right now–as yet.

One we should call Kyle and McCain to vote against ratification of the United Nations Small Arms Treaty (info at link above). It is an apparent effort to have massive global gun control and is designed to register, ban and confiscate firearms owned by private citizens. Not good!

We did have a victory this week at the Supreme Court regading religious liberties which may have far-reaching ramifications regarding the government’s ability to interfere in churches or religious organizations business–“discrimination,” hiring and firing, etc.

Two bills to keep an eye on, but which are not out of committee as yet are:

1) Respect for Marriage Act (a very deceptive name) HR1116/5B598: This would in essence overturn DOMA–the Defense of Marriage Act which defines marriage as the union of 1 man/1woman.

2) Every Child Deserves A Family Act (again, a deceptive name) 51770/HR1681: Irregardless of an agency’s religious objectives the agency would be forced to allow same-sex couples to adopt-promoting homosexual adoption (not the best situation for children!).

Arizona, we might call Kyle, McCain and Gosar and ask that they keep working on a way to get oil from Canada to Houston, Texas via the “Keystone Pipeline.” This would be helpful both as a source of oil for us and a great job creator.

Thanks, (name deleted)


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    1. I’ll let her know the next time I see her. She’ll be glad to hear it. :o) I get these by hand written letters dropped off at my work place. I’ve got two more from her to combine into one blog post soon.


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