A Town With Demons

Jerome, AZ is well known for it’s New Age, Tarot Card and Angel Readings. It’s less than an hour from Sedona. So it’s no wonder that people claim certain buildings are haunted. My friend Kristine McGuire could tell you about her experience with so-called ghosts from her book. Otherwise, Jerome is a quaint mountain town tucked literally into the side of a mountain. It has great shops and restaurants, bed and breakfasts and hotels. You could drive through it in five minutes. Tony and I love to visit this town in spite of it’s background and rough areas. It’s a great place to people-watch and eat. If you want an adventure, drive to Jerome!


13 thoughts on “A Town With Demons”

  1. It reminds me of Eureka Springs, Ark which is a short ways form my hometown in OK. It is a lovely town near Branson in the Ozarks, known for its historic B&B’s which cater to a constant flow of weddings and elopements. It’s got great food and some cool specialty shops, but like Jerome, is saturated with New Age and occultic shops, psychics, and more.


  2. Well, I’m not surprised the town has a haunted reputation considering it’s connection to the occult (I knew about Sedona’s reputation but not Jerome).The pictures are gorgeous, so I think I’d rather visit because it’s so beautiful there. 😀


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