Every Body Matters Excerpt

Today I am quoting from page 98 of Every Body Matters. Weight loss and staying fit is a struggle, especially when you look at a single cookie and gain fifteen pounds! But when you get fit with God in mind, it is easier to stay disciplined.

You Are My Inspiration

A true friend isn’t always one who accepts us; sometimes a friend ‘s job is to inspire us. Henry Van Dyke, a Princeton professor and clergyman, once said that the mark of a true friend is someone who makes you want to be at your bst when you are with him.

Are you setting up a social base that inspires you to be the best man or woman you can be? Or is your group of friends and advisors giving up and giving in to the most common spiritual enemeis of our age? Does your doctor address your symptoms, or does she address your decisions? Is your pastor strong enough to occasionally confront your disobedience?

We think the most loving thign we can do is to make someone feel good about themselves, no matter what, and the worst thign we can do is make them feel bad about themselves, but what if ignoring the truth is allowing or even encouraging a condition to continue that may take a decade or more off our friend’s life? Is that love as the Bible defines it?

*Book given by Zondervan to review. See yesterday’s post to read my review of this excellent book.