Why The Long Face?

Every so often I read a blogger and wonder if the person is ever really happy? I know I have my moments of moping and seeing the glass as half-empty, but why the long face all of the time especially when we know God’s promises? We need to believe in Jesus again, and it’s a book I am reading that has awakened that call.

I’m reading a book by Derek Prince called “Provisions of God.” I am stunned.

Everything I thought before of God’s promises went flying out the window. We’ve all heard in scripture how Jesus goes to prepare a place for us. Have you ever studied the scripture as thoroughly as Prince has because God through the Old and New Testaments has been preparing places for them and us, and not just in heaven!

He prepared places for Moses and his people. God has prepared places for every biblical character before they even knew they needed a rock for a pillow or a tent for shelter. Jesus even told the disciples to go without any provisions like food or water because He had all ready prepared the towns and people who would take care of their needs and then some.

So why the long face?

Own the promises and listen to the conditions of those promises. We pray for rain, but, like someone said, we don’t take an umbrella to the prayer meeting. It’s time we look at our words and actions. It’s time we listened to God and find the joy that seems just out of our reach. It’s time we actually believed in God again.

It’s time for a good belly-laugh.


11 thoughts on “Why The Long Face?”

  1. Yes, Nikole…there is much reason for joy in the here and now no matter the circumstances, when we know Jesus! Thank you for joy today. Lori


  2. I’m with you, girl! Let’s have some good old belly-laughing and honest to goodness JOY! What we do with our faces and our words and our attitudes honors and praises God when we believe His promises!


  3. Oh, I LOVE this, Nikki! We were singing old hymns of “comfort songs” last night at church, but they were all in the future by-and-by. What about now? His presence and provision are with us NOW; he promised.

    But shame on you for adding another title to my already too long to-read list. ha. I still haven’t gotten to the Patsy Clairmont book! Soon, soon….


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