Politics: Who Ya Goin’ To Call?

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A hard working Christian spends hours putting together bills that either will effect Arizonians or the rest of the country in general. She prefers to remain anonymous, but will pass off information to me. This is her column. If I disagree with something, you’ll see my reply in italics or my husbands reply. I wish I could give you her name, but she does it because she’s a die-hard patriot with no intention of building a platform.

Phone Numbers to Know:

White House Comment Line: 1-202-456-1111

U.S. Congress (Senate and House): 1-202-224-3121 *This is the capital switch board. Ask for your senator or congressman.

Arizona Governors Office: 1-800-253-0883

Arizona State Senate and House: 1-800-352-8404

*A more local number for U.S. Senator Jon Kyle is in Phoenix: 1-602-840-1891. Senator McCain also has a local office in Prescott at 928-445-0833. U.S. House of Representatives Paul Gosar has a local office in Prescott as well at 928-445-1683.

The Upcoming Issues:

HR1842/5952: The Dream Act

“Call Kyle, McCain and Gosar–ask them to vote NO on the Dream Act. In the House it is HR1842. In the Senate it is 5952. This would grant amnesty and tuition breaks for millions of illegal immigrants. We need to secure the borders first before any other programs are undertaken.”

United Nations Treaty

“Call Senators Mitch McConnell, Jon Kyle, and John McCain. Ask them to defeat any United Nations Treaty handing them global taxation powers over the American people.”

U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom

“Call Kyle, McCain and Gosar: ask that those on the U.S. Commission of International Religious Freedom be allowed to travel to places where religious freedom is in jeopardy such as Nigeria and Southern Sudan as well as East Jerusalem. Senator Durbin of Illinois inserted an amendment into re-authorization of funding of the USCIRF that would eliminate all the Bush appointees to this commission using “Term Limits.” Thus, ridding the commission of some of the most outspoken critics of Islamic extremism and would restrict traveling of the comissioners to the same standards as those in the State Department. Ask them also why our government is doing nothing to stop the slaughter of Christians and other religious minorities worldwide?”

Controlling Our Rural Areas

“Call: Speaker of the House, John Boehner: The Obama Administration has issued an executive order that creates massive topo-down control of our nations rural areas (Executive Order 13575). This is part of the United Nations agenda (an effort to infiltrate U.S. cities and communities). Ask that the House take immediate action to stop the enforcement of this executive order.”

****FROM NIKKI*****

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