For All The Wrong Reasons

It’s not an easy road to lose weight. For so long I had been doing it for the wrong reasons–to be healthier, to look good, and these may all be good reasons, even valid, but wrong. That reason alone is not enough. Gary Thomas author of a book published by Zondervan called, “Every Body Matters,” (blog tour and book excerpt on January 23 and 24 here) says, “Muscular Christianity (MC) wasn’t about body building for the sake of looking good, but rather about having a body that was fit for active service to God. Weak or out-of-shape men and locked-away neurasthenic women, supporters argued, not only live shorter and less effective lives, but they have less energy, command less respect, and provide less of a witness to the world.”

God forgive me for how I have treated my body, allowing stress and my eating habits to slowly erode my health. In 2009, I weighed in at 220 lbs. In 2011, I plateaued at 177 lbs. I’m not yo-yoing which is said to be worse on your health, but I am losing inches even if not weight. But it’s only upon reading this book that I see now my purpose for losing weight (family genetics, health, looking good) won’t sustain me or help me continue my fight against gluttony. I will always have that struggle, but I can have the strength in the Lord to fight it.

Are you struggling with weight issues? How are you fighting it? If you’ve given up, why? What encouragement can you give to someone who struggles to lose weight?

The book review for this excellent read will be on January 23 and an excerpt of this book will showcase on January 24. Zondervan is doing a major blog tour.