Touring Arizona Coffee Houses: Wild Iris Cafe

hands were a little shaky here...

The owner has graciously declined an interview for this segment of Touring Arizona Coffee Houses: Havens for Writers. Her friendly attitude earn this place as a great place to write, drink coffee, and enjoy homemade treats.

Someone asked me, “Where is Wild Iris Cafe?”

It’s a small cafe hidden away on Granite Street near Prescott Unified School District. Granite Street runs behind Whiskey Row. Wild Iris sits on the banks of Granite Creek. Their windows overlook the shaded walking path along the creek. The shop sits in a beautiful adobe-like plaza with a shaded patio and rustic shop.

There are numerous tables, traditional living room chairs and couches, a coffee table, and plenty of outlets. The Wi-Fi is password protected and there are free refills of regular coffee. Wild Iris also has a coffee card, pies and baked goods that you can specially order, and light lunch items. You can also buy their specially roasted coffee or loose leaf tea and a vareity of unique items from their shelves.

One day I ordered a “Special Caramel Machiatto,” and what I got was art.

On New Years Eve, my husband and I each ordered a different cheesecake. I ordered the chocolate cheesecake and he ordered the pumpkin cheesecake; all made from scratch. The chocolate cheesecake was good, but not as good as the pumpkin cheesecake. The chocolate wasn’t chocolaty enough, but the pumpkin was creamy and tangy.

Pumpkin Cheesecake
chocolate cheesecake

Oftentimes, I come here to write or read. The other day I ordered a Cherry Muffin. The hasty decision came in my indecision. I was next in line under a time constraint, but every bite was worth it. My mouth relished the sweet, large cherries baked into the coffee cake-like treat.

iced cherry muffin

I’d rate this place five-stars. The clerks are friendly and seem to love their job. There are plenty of places to sit and lots of outlets. No one bothers you as you work, and the conversations around are quite stimulating.

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  1. Oh…WOW I LOVE places like this. I will definately put this on my list of places the next time I come up north! I love that these coffee houses are still thriving, going strong. I love supporting them! Lori


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