Perkinsville Road

January 2 brought more than new resolutions; a promise between husband and wife to get out into the wilds more since it runs through our veins as hot as molten rock. It’s the binding that elevates our marriage. It’s intimacy in hard grueling hikes up difficult climbs and scrapes and bruises from bursting through prickly bushes.

“How about we hike here?” My husband can barely sit still in the car.

“No,” I say softly. “Let’s get deeper…away from the ranches.” Deeper means more isolated and less human contact. It means whispers of cool wind hushing through the junipers.

Rocks clatter down the precipice as sweat beads on our skin. I am still remembering what my husband said before we left. I was doing my reading of the bible in a year and told him so. “I am having time with God before we leave.”

“Aren’t we going to spend time with God out there, too?” He means thanking God for making this place and spending time in deep silence with him away from the distractions and temptations of the world for just one moment.

“Do we have to hike one more hill?” He sighs.

“We’ve hiked Mount Humphreys. This is nothing compared to that climb. Just to that ridge…”I point, “Over there.”

And though we sat on the ridge looking over the world and the roads we traveled to get here, I thought how lucky we were to hike freely and to sit quietly with the sun warm on our face, without a care or a distraction. And this far out, no litter save one beer bottle that looked as if it had been there a while.

Look how far we have come, my dear. Look at the mountains and rocks we have climbed, the near misses, the scrapes and bruises, and look! We stand here now whole and holding on to Him. It was a tough climb.

What kind of life is it if we live in fear, barricading our life to save our hearts from hurt, and passing on our fears to others? What kind of life is a safe life? A safe life isn’t living by faith or belief, but in fear because we don’t trust God enough. So here’s to risks and the God who is big enough to let us lean on Him.

And that rock right there above? I stepped on it and it fell, rolling after me. I wasn’t injured and I laughed. A sure thing is never guaranteed a sure thing.

Are you living a safe life or are you trusting Him?


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  1. Life as a Christian is always a tough climb, but just when we think we’re at our breaking point and can’t go any further, Jesus reaches out His hand to help us keep moving. What a Savior!


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