Book Review: The Soul Mirror

A Barnes and Noble gift card sent me and my husband out to shop a brick and mortar store. I have my favorite authors, but I wanted a taste of a secular fantasy novel. So I chose Carol Berg’s “The Soul Mirror” for it’s cover and the rear of the book. I had no idea what to expect. I had never read any of her books in the past. The first page helped make my decision to buy it.

Anne De Vernase is the main character born in a magical family, but she was tested early in life and found not to have the gift of magic. With her father a fugitive of the crown, her sister dying while studying magic at the Colligia Seravain, and her brother imprisoned these past four months in the kings prison on account of relation, Anne is isolated at their estate until by order of the queen she is forced to live at the castle.

Strange things are afoot. Dark Mages and Adepts and something representative of the devil wishes to turn nature and the world upside down and bring the dead back to life. Nothing is as it appears and friends may very well be foes. Anne must be on her toes, and thus so is the reader. Told in first person from Anne’s point of view, we go on this journey that is fraught with danger. Even some things hint at a Christian nature.

It’s no wonder this book was so good. Carol Berg is a former software engineer with degrees in mathematics from Rice University. Her knowledge is in the skeleton of the plot. Once I read in a blog how reading a wide variety of subjects and learning more only enhances writing. After reading this, I can only agree. It was brilliant!

And no…there will be no giveaway. It’s on my library shelf when I wish to re-read it again. The book transports you into a world of intrigue and magic. There’s just the barest hint of romance. I rate this novel five stars.