It’s Coming!!!

About (in)RL 2012

On Saturday, April 28, 2012 bloggers around the world will gather at specific locations (in) RL (or In Real Life). I am planning on reserving the room at Cupper’s Coffee House, but I haven’t any details yet. It’s a great opportunity to gather. You can rsvp here or read more about it here. If I get an overwhelming response, I will change the location to accommodate more people.

Here’s some more information about what’s coming from the team at (in)courage!


From (in)courage:

(in)RL – Coming to YOU – April 27 & 28, 2012

The rumors are true. We’re bringing an (in)courage conference to life!

Well, better to think of it as an un-conference, since we’re hoping it will be all kinds of unexpected – no waiting lists, no need for plane tickets, no limited number of spots – everyone is (in) and no one’s out with (in)courage (in)RL – (in)real life!

inrl at play


Yup, we’re bringing the beach house to you to connect women beyond the blog post!

How’s that going to happen?

Well, with a day of (in)courage meetups – think mini beach house parties – all around the country and globe and a live webcast for everyone to tune into. A local meetup on a global scale; friends gathered to watch live webcasts of (in)courage contributors and community, connect with one another, and discover new friendships they didn’t know were right around the corner!

The webcast kicks off on Friday and (in)RL Beach House parties follow on Saturday with more live (in)courage content to tune into together. Just imagine thousands of (in)courage women all over the world getting together in homes, coffee shops, restaurants, or churches – you name it – to connect in real life!

There’s a T-shirt for everyone who registers, delicious giveaways, a beach house in a box available for hosts, and the fun of meeting women from our local communities who all read (in)courage – it’ll be the online beach house (in)real life! We get giddy excited just imagining it!


We love the online world, but there’s only so far a comment box can go to connect us. We’re looking forward to stepping through blog posts and into each other’s real lives – on April 27, 28 and beyond. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of connecting (in)courage in real life.

After you purchase a ticket – be sure to go to our Meetups page to find or host a meetup in your local area.

We’re all going to be there. So, are you (in)?


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  1. Oh, I wish I lived close to you and we could hang out together. I haven’t registered yet, but would so much like to participate. Isn’t that (in)courage community something special?


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