From The Lodge: 2011 and Beyond!

Happy New Year!

2011 brought many opportunities to hear from Women of Faith speakers, authors, a coffee shop owner, and even a survivor of Tiananmen Square. I hope that 2012 brings many other voices to my blog. After all, we all have stories to share, tragedies and joys, strengths and weaknesses, and it is my hope to bring those stories to you either written by me or a guest post written by them.

Not every post will be well-known. Some won’t even have a public platform, like budding writers just now feeling their way around and investigating the writing scene. Some may not even be writers, but people who can’t put a sentence together or speak eloquently, but their hands are as careworn as their souls and their stories might be what you need to hear.

I am discontinuing the 2011 column, “The Chronicles of Church Fellowship,” and I will continue the new monthly column, “Touring Arizona Coffee Houses: Havens for Writers.” There will also be a new column that may appear either monthly or weekly.

It is called, “Survivors and Faith.” I am asking for people who have survived horrific things in their life like verbal and/or physical abuse, molestation, abandonment, accidents, wars, violent deaths, suicide, etc. to step forward and please share their story of how they came back from it; how faith in Christ gave them courage to live again and what kind of perspective living through something like that has given them. Please make sure the word count is not over 1,000 words. Please include a bio and a photo of yourself. If anonymous, exclude the bio and photo. You can also use pseudonyms, but you need to let me know it is a pseudonym.  If you think what you write may be slanderous or libel, I would suggest remaining anonymous. This blog will not be responsible for the stories of others. It’s the stories that are important to show what God does even in the darkest of times.

This year there will be more book reviews, author interviews, guest columnists, and special appearances by guests that I am excited about. I will also continue to journal live as I live the life of a transparent Christian. When I mess up, the whole world will know about it, and will know how God has worked in it. That’s the important lesson—not the mistake, but glorifying God in it.

So even if you are not a writer, consider submitting your story. If you have an idea of what to write, email me at I am always looking for a good story and I desire to help other writers get out there and introduce to my readers new and interesting books.


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      1. In helping with Delta and Care Ministries at our church I know many, but I don’t know that they are ready to do something like this. I can work on rewriting my story again. I am telling it again at Delta coming up in Feb.


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