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My name is Kyra Evans-Schultz. I’m a stay-at-home-mom and the creator and founder of

The Hindsight Letters is a website where myself and guest writers (including Nikki Hahn!) are given the opportunity to write Letters to their teenaged selves, passing on the advice they wish they had known at the time. I started the site just over a year ago, and currently there are readers across the globe, spanning six continents. The site has been featured on CBC Radio and was named as one of the best blogs on the web by I’m so totally thrilled and honoured that the site has taken on such momentum.

The idea for The Hindsight Letters came about shortly after giving birth to my daughter. I think that when you have a child, and you meet this little person that you love so completely, it’s only natural to start to think about the things that you want for them in life. And maybe also the things you don’t want.

I was a total nerd as a teenager. The bottom of the social food chain. I wanted so badly to be cool. To be popular. But try as I might, I just couldn’t quite fit in. I was bullied all through school. I did a lot of silly things to prove my worth to people that I didn’t even really care all that much about. I made a lot of mistakes that I generally wish I could have avoided. I lived with a lot of embarrassment about those mistakes for a lot of years.

After giving birth to my daughter, I started to think about my “teenaged self” in a different light. What if she were my daughter? How would I feel about her? Would I judge her for her mistakes, or would I accept her and love her regardless of them?

Following that paradigm shift, I was overcome with the desire to go back in time and give my teenaged self a great big awkward hug. To tell her that eventually, it would all turn out just fine. And maybe also give her a little guidance.

And so began The Hindsight Letters. It originally began as a personal blog project and has become a community of contributors, sharing incredibly personal stories with incredible compassion and love. The project has been such a blessing in my life and I’ve learned so much about myself from my time working on it.

If you’re interested in submitting a Letter, I’m always accepting submissions. Just visit to find out more.

Thank You so much to Nicole for giving me the opportunity to guest post on her fabulous blog, and for sharing her story about her early writing career on the site.

Take care and thank you for reading!


Founder and Creator

The Hindsight Letters

Everyone makes mistakes. Hindsight makes them meaningful.