Praise and Coffee Link-Up: Sue Cramer

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Just the other day, I was reading my google feed when I read this from our Praise and Coffee Founder:

“But, honestly this whole Live 31 campaign has been troubling to me from the beginning. I’m afraid it puts the sense in a woman’s head that she feels she must live up to either a Victoria Secret model OR all the characteristics of the busy Proverbs 31 woman.

God has uniquely created each and every one of us to know Him and be beautiful in the life that He gave to us. Not all of us will be wives, mothers or work outside the home as the Proverbs 31 woman did. And some supermodels will know Jesus and love Him with all their heart and be wonderful wives and mothers.”

She makes some valid points. And yet, at the same time I would rather have the Live 31 over being a Victoria Secret model. The former doesn’t allow ice cream or cheese cake or the extra inch on the hips. The latter displays a woman as merely property or objects even if they could be great people.

Go on over and read the rest of the article. It makes you think.

This week I will be counting down to the New Year by re-posting some favorite guest blogs.


One thought on “Praise and Coffee Link-Up: Sue Cramer”

  1. DOn’t be afraid my dear so often so many people write about wives and what we should and shouldn’t do that we can become confused, but as you know that is only the trick of the enemy. The only way for us wives to never be confuses is to do what the bible says in Ephesian 5″23-28. if we do that they we will never be confused ameen


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