Do Not Weep Over The Broken Pieces

What do you do when people fail to meet your expectations?

I can’t control what others do. I can’t control their reactions.

All I can do is weep for the broken pieces of dreams that lay on the floor waiting to be accepted and swept into a dust pan, then the trash can. God understands. He’s heard me complain often enough.  It just didn’t happen. It will never happen. But why should I cry when I am so blessed in many other ways?

Blessings are not to be overlooked just because some of our dreams fizzle. Maybe I wasn’t meant to experience those dreams and maybe it’s not really what I want? How many times have I wished for something that wasn’t good for me or something I didn’t really want, and God in His infinite mercy said no? Too many times to count. Our emotions sweep us away to places God doesn’t really want us to go, and He knows better than us. He can see what the future holds for that decision. For now, it looks like the perfect Currier and Ives picture. It seems like something we want, but the reality may not be like that.

So we must accept what we cannot change. We must move on or forever lament what will not change and fall into anger. Sorrow doesn’t stay long. Anger almost always follows. It’s warm and reassuring and deceiving. Anger can lead us in the wrong direction, whereas acceptance almost always brings us peace, joy and love.

So the gift I want this year is peace, joy and love. And I’ll get it. I get that gift every year because every year God reminds me of all He is in His Word and actions.

Describe your broken dreams and how God saved you from what would have been a mistake.


9 thoughts on “Do Not Weep Over The Broken Pieces”

  1. This is so much like us..we are always weeping over those things which are broken..I believe that God allows things in our lives to be broken to move us to strength us and to develope us. One thing for sure is He said He will turn our ashes into beauty…Great Post.


  2. Great post Nikki. What dreams of mine have been broken? Too many to mention. What has happened from the “weeping that endures for a night?” My tears, which He has stored in His bottle are retrieved from time to time and have become His rivers of living water poured into another life. Tears that are only stored are wasted. Tears that He stores are never wasted.


  3. Oh and I do think I need to weep over the broken dreams because so often the healing comes from God through the grieving process. Peace comes from being real and not hiding the brokenness from God but giving it to him.


  4. I don’t know about saving me from broken dreams, but HE is with me as I feel broken because the dream of having children most likely won’t come to pass. Right now my family is not in a place where adoption is possible.


    1. I am so sorry, Katie. Maybe God has other plans for you or maybe children will come later? Only when weeping over the broken pieces becomes a fixation then do we need to quit weeping and start clinging to His promises as in the case of my broken dream. You may be at the beginning of your weeping. It’s time for me to stop grieving.


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