They Were With The Decorations

Christmas card by Louis Prang
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One year I unpacked my Christmas decorations and found an entire box of sealed and addressed Christmas cards that were never mailed. It was tempting to send them out that year, but I had forgotten what I said on the inside. Last year, I sent an electronic Christmas card as I had run out of time to send actual ones. This year I carefully planned my cards and yes, they have been dutifully sent out.

There’s still something special about opening the mail box at the post office and seeing all the brightly colored envelopes spill out into my hands. It’s the only time of year where no one emails or sends Facebook cards, but real cards, addressed by hand, and stamped. Just holding them in your hands makes you feel loved even if on the inside people have just signed them. This year I sat in my car and opened every one.

My cousin, Jackie gets creative with her cards. This year she created a movie jacket with her family as super heroes. My other cousins sent me updated pictures. I always need updated pictures for my family wall. I’m the kind of person who rarely updates the family wall and so my nieces and nephews are still very young. My aunts and uncles send Christmas letters.

Like I said in an article here, I get bored with the usual box of cards and try to re-think how to send a creative Christmas card. This year I have tailored the Christmas card to match the story within.

What do you do at Christmas? Do you send out cards or do you get creative with the cards or without the cards?