Touring Arizona Coffee Houses: Cuppers Coffee House (Prescott, AZ)

photo by Cuppers

Snuggled between Prescott’s “haunted” hotel and a local shop, sits a quaint Victorian house turned café. It’s located down the street from the courthouse plaza on Cortez Street. It’s cheerful red canopy and open front porch make it unique among coffee shops. Cuppers has been open for six years, but Andrea and Jamey Mauk are the new owners.

“Our original vision was to embrace the ongoing success of being the Best Coffeehouse and Cafe in Prescott and continue on in that tradition by providing the best atmosphere, best staff, best food and best drinks available. Our plan was to keep what our customers liked and improve by adding to what was already successful.” Cupper’s has received numerous awards since 2007 from Best Coffeehouse to Best Sandwiches in 2009, and this year Best Coffeehouse and Cafe. But what makes it a haven for writers?

There are many tables and outlets. Recovery groups meet there as well as other groups. They have a green room in the back for people to reserve. There is no cost for that. There are couches and tables. I have found it most relaxing to bring my book or laptop to Cuppers and catch up on blogging or book reading. The room that has windows facing the open porch is the most quiet. The coffee is strong. They have varied brews of coffee, and the staff is knowledgeable. For instance, when I needed a very strong cup of coffee, the staff directed me to a lighter brew. Apparently, the lighter brews have the most caffeine and the stronger brews have less caffeine. It’s all in the bean roasting process.

“We expanded our coffee selections by creating our own proprietary coffee blend that combines the best of three countries into one great cup of coffee—either at the shop or in a bag of beans to brew at home! We have added our own Cuppers cold tumblers and Cuppers thermal mugs, and we have more improvements in mind for the near future.” Andrea and Jamey Mauk tell me. I have always loved the food. From their thick-cut toast to their Quiche, nothing quite satisfies me on a busy work day than to walk down to one of my favorite haunts and treat myself to their food and drink. Since taking over the shop, Andrea and Jamey Mauk have added extra-thick cut waffles with fresh fruit, signature soups and specialized drinks. They have a wide variety of espresso drinks listed on a dry-erase board. As my friend, Sandi, told us this past weekend; the most important thing to a writer is lots of coffee.

Jamey and Andrea Mauk have graciously answered a few questions:

If you are a Christian, how did you become saved? Will you give me a brief testimony?

Both Andrea and I grew up in homes where Christ was a part our family life. To us, it isn’t about religion, but about making a decision to have personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Do you contribute to any charities and what are they?

We have so many needs that come into our lives through our coffee-house. I remember being almost overwhelmed at first by all the requests for help or donations. It was difficult to create a budget and start saying no. We do our best to give what we can when we can and keep it even. We also have charities like World Vision, Compassion International, and the local church, that we give to regularly.

Will you share a recipe of one of the things you sell there?

My goodness, there are so many recipes out there floating around. I wouldn’t know where to start. How about our world-famous Skinny Pancakes? Not!

What is your most popular food item?

That’s a tough one too. How about we put them into categories by time of day… for breakfast it would be Skinny Pancakes, lunch would be Asian Chicken Salad or Roasted Red Pepper & Gouda Tomato soup and brunch would be our Quiché.

In your opinion, why do you sell homemade items verses pre-packaged items?

That is a very good question. There are many food providers out there with some pretty awesome foods, but they just don’t “fit” at Grandma’s House, which is what Cuppers is known for. Plus, we come from the Mid-West where families make what they eat, and it is usually from scratch. Where is the fun from food in a bucket? Where is the creativity? To taste like homemade, it has to be made at home. We like to roll up our sleeves, dive in and have fun.

What is your most popular drink sold?

Coffee. Just kidding, well, no it actually is coffee. But what coffee?! We are Baristas after all – connoisseurs of coffee. We have regular customers that come in every day for our coffee, and we have people who come in every day for our specialty coffee drinks or teas. Our most popular creations would be our Monkey Mocha, The Bullet and our Tibetan Chai.

And what Chai it is! We have always said that Chai would become as popular as espresso or cappuccino, and it has. You can check out our website for more details on our proprietary coffee blend, our signature coffees from around the world and all about Chai here.

Is there anything that I and my readers might pray about for your business or you personally?

You could certainly pray for our country concerning this challenging economy as this affects our business as well as any other. We have been very blessed with loyal customers that return day after day. Not many coffee houses have been so lucky.

For us personally, we just ask for God’s continuing insight and wisdom into making the right decisions in every aspect.

For hours and more information about this great place, click here. I also encourage you to ‘like’ their Facebook page here for all the latest Cuppers news. My rating of this coffeehouse is five-stars. There’s more than enough outlets, quiet places to think, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and what earned it the fifth star was the homemade food and front porch. In this area, a front porch at a coffee shop is uncommon. Because Cuppers looks like a home and is in the historic area of Prescott, it’s a wonderful place where writing ideas come easy.


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