Flash Mob of Kindness: Salvation Army Bell Ringers

Snow whitened the surrounding mountains, and covered the grass in clumps. I walked with a spring in my step and money in my purse. The air turned my cheeks red. My scarf was wont to fall from my neck and my gloves kept my fingers warm. I was Christmas shopping. I love Christmas shopping. The decorations hang everywhere and the month feels special. It’s the only month where I have permission to spend money on fun things for the people I love.

As I turned to walk into the Bashford Mall, a Salvation Army man rang his bell next to the Prescott General Store. He wore a wide smile as if his job weren’t tedious, but something worth working for, and immediately I wanted to do something for him. After buying the gift, I ran upstairs to the chocolate shop. I knew they sold hot chocolate for only a dollar a cup. I bought him a cup and hurried outside hoping he hadn’t left on lunch break and handed him the cup.

I said, “Merry Christmas!”

He looked pleasantly surprised as he took the hot chocolate. He thanked me profusely.

This happened last year. This year I would like to challenge everyone to do a flash mob of kindness and buy Salvation Army bell ringers a cup of hot chocolate or coffee all through the month. Show them the light of the Lord as they collect money and stand in the freezing cold. If you did that, please post a comment here. Let me know.

Let’s unwrap Jesus together.



17 thoughts on “Flash Mob of Kindness: Salvation Army Bell Ringers”

  1. This is a great idea. I love the Salvation Army and the bell ringers. In fact I will not be going back to Target because they don’t have them out front! Thank you! Lori


  2. That is a beautiful idea. Am going to remember that as I drop some money in, Do it a couple of times a year. Change adds up too. Will have to remember to pick one that is infront of a store that sells cocoa., would hate to buy coffee and if they dont’ like it black but eveyone I think likes cocoa. 🙂


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